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Words cannot express how I am feeling right now

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Words cannot express how I am feeling right now. I was experiencing the worse knee pain ever over a year ago. All the doctors I mentioned it to said it was because of my back and hip problems I didn't believe them. One day last year my knee gave out on me ended up in Er 10 hrs later Dr said everything was normal. My primary Dr gave me an MRI said I had knee subluxation. I went to therapy still NO relief. I had a few Orthopedic said they didn't think surgery would help. Some how I found Dr. Domont man what an angel that came into my life very nice and considerate and actually took the time out to listen to me. After me doing everything I had to do injections and therapy he decides to knee arthroscopy and knee realignment he did tell me wasn't guaranteed it will work. I said lets do it. I will be honest I was second guessing what if i do this surgery and it doesn't work my primary said what if it does. I did do the surgery 1st week was rough. Dr. Domont told me he hopes in 2 weeks i will not have regret my decision and guess what I don't at all. Dr Domont gave me my life back just 2 weeks and I'm pain free and can walk without hurting. I owe him big time. I highly recommend this Orthopedic Surgeon to anyone.

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